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Entrance Mats

  • Dirt and grit are a timber floors worst enemy, The use of mats at all external entries will reduce the amount of dirt entered into the home by up to 80%.The mats should be regularly  cleaned

Furniture Protectors

  • Felt pads should be fitted to all furniture so that furniture can be easily moved without the risk of scuffing the floor, Check pads regularly for wear or grit trapped in felt and clean or replace as required

Direct Sunlight

  • Strong light, particularly direct sunlight, can cause a chemical reaction in timber causing it to change colour (ageing or weathering), so move your mats occasionally and protect the floor from direct sunlight with curtains or blinds.


  • Sweep floors regularly using anti static dust control mop, a soft broom or vacuum with a soft brush attachment

Damp Mopping

  • CAUTION DO NOT WET MOP FLOOR as timber can absorb Moisture that may cause your floor to expand resulting in cupping of flooring

  • For Polyurethane floors (Polycure) Damp mop floor as required using 1 cup of Polycure Aquacare  Floor Clean or Methylated Spirit to a bucket of water.

  • For Oiled floors protected by Gemini Acrylic Sealer Finish (Peerless Emulsion) Damp mop floor as required using 1 cup Versadet Concentrated floor cleaner to a bucket of water


  • Oiled Floors only. Clean floors as above then if required apply a coat of Gemini acrylic sealer finish to traffic areas using a damp, clean fine strand poly cotton mop and Wringer Bucket. Pour a small amount of Gemini into wringer bucket (1 litre of Gemini will cover approximately 80M2) coat mop with Gemini and wring mop out thoroughly, When applying Gemini ensure the floor looks wet if you can see a milky colour the coat is too thick if you can see streaks the coat is too thin

Timber Floor Maintenance

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